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What Does Rawdat El-Zuhur Mean?

Lizzy dancing with those first girls
      " Garden of Flowers" is the meaning of Rawdat El-Zuhur. This is exactly what Elizabeth Nasir wanted the home to be. A garden of happy girls looking like flowers and radiating with joy and love. Music and dancing were the first activities she exposed the girls to, for she strongly believed in the magic of music and its power to lift the spirits of those girls and to help replace the tears of destitution with a happy smile. The first piece of equipment she purchased for the home was a manual record player and she became the talk of the town as she skipped and danced with the bare-footed girls all over the courtyard. In 1955, Elizabeth Nasir was awarded a special certificate from the National Recreation Association of the USA for "Enriching the Human Spirit through Recreation." Music, folk dancing and art still play a very big role in the lives of the children of Rawdat El-Zuhur School. The founding spirit continues to prevail with the same enthusiasm for caring and sharing. No hurt or health problem goes untreated, no individual joy goes uncelebrated by teachers and pupils together trying to ease the tension that encompasses the whole community.

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