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A Haven for Palestinian Children

P.O. box 19796, Jerusalem 91017
Tel. 02-628-2062, FAX 02-6287842

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            We greatly appreciate the support of so many individuals and organizations. 

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   ANERA has a web site of their collective projects and reports 



    A Common Witness of the Division of Overseas Ministries, 
            Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and The Wider Church 
      Ministries, United Church of Christ

 Biblelands General Link    The BibleLands ( England) About Rawdat     Click on Education.

     Palestine on Line  

     St. John UCC, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 
      Presbyterian article about art 

     United Palestinian Appeal www.helpUPA.com
      Economic Development 
       UK charities support 
      Bright Wings a book of Palestinian art. 

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