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Farah "Joy"
A Special Program for the Mothers

           This program was established at the beginning of  the school year 1993/1994  for  the mothers of the school children for the purpose of raising  consciousness regarding a variety of issues.   Through monthly meetings,  the mothers would set their priorities and plan discussion groups, lectures, and workshops.    It has become  very apparent that such a program has been enriching the lives of the mothers and is helping the school  realize the importance of a  stronger relationship between the home and the school. 

         With the support  of the Welfare Association Consortium for the Management of the Palestinian NGO Project  with a grant of $59,400 the Farah program was developed in September 1998 to include testing of children for dyslexia and other learning difficulties.  A counselor and a specialist in learning difficulties were appointed for that program.   And now all the children who get admitted to the kindergarten are taking the tests in May so that remedial work is done with them during the summer holidays before school starts in September. 

          The services of the Spafford hospital are made available for those who need treatment. Regular home visits enables the school to understand better the behavior of certain children, and how to help them and their families resolve many problems. The emphasis has been on the mothers mainly because they are in closer contact with the children and they have more free time to come to the school.  But the effect of the program has reached out to the whole family and to the community in which the children live. 

         The mothers have been helpful in local activities and fundraising functions.  And the school has also provided the mothers with the opportunity to take courses in French, and aerobics.  Other courses could be  available at the request of the mothers. 

         A committee from the mothers is elected at the beginning of each year to  coordinate and help the school in a variety of programs and functions.


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