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The School Building

            For many years the school functioned under very difficult conditions for lack of space and the necessary facilities. The class rooms were crowded, and every corner of the original home was utilized without leaving much moving space for the children. A tent was set up for kindergarten at one time, click to enlarge.A tent was put up at one time for the kindergarten, and both the hall and the kitchen had to be used as class rooms in order to cope with the new admissions. With a substantial grant from the Lutheran Church in America for the amount of $61,000 and a generous gift of Mrs. Shirley Phillips for the amount of $50,000 a new floor was finally added to the school building.  The new floor was furnished through a grant from the Biblelands for the amount of  17000 Sterling pounds. 

          It was inaugurated in 1991 in memory of Elizabeth Nasir who passed away before seeing the dream fulfilled. It had taken the Israeli Authorities seven years to grant the school a building permit for the new floor. The new space has three class rooms, a library, dedicated to the memory of Robert and Sophie Peterson from the USA, who left a legacy of $12,290 for Rawdat El-Zuhur, a laboratory, dedicated to the memory of professor Huetten Berger from Germany whose friends sent a donation of DM10,000 in lieu of flowers for his funeral, and an all purpose hall dedicated to the memory of Dr. Helen Edick form the USA who left a legacy of $10,000 for the school. 

The children play in the sand in a safe environment.           The original building which was rented to Elizabeth Nasir, the founder of Rawdat El Zuhur as her home, now houses the kindergarten and the administration office, and the staff room. An annex which had been added to the home in the early seventies is used for the first three grades. Although the school playground is very small, there are limited facilities for basketball and volleyball training, and a special play area for the kindergarten. 

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