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July 29, 2002
Our Dear Friends: We cannot really believe that we were able to finish the school year in spite of all the difficulties. And for some of you who had heard about our great disappointment due to the postponement of the Jubilee celebrations, we want you to know that we managed at least to have the musical with the graduation on June 8 at the Palestinian National Theatre (Hakawati) The children were absolutely marvelous. And the celebration was just as original as the founder of Rawdat El-Zuhur herself was, dear old aunt Lizzy bless her soul. We seized the opportunity to express our thanks to the organizations who have been supporting us and to present those who were amongst us with the  Jubilee souvenir on this occasion.  We decided that the open house and the art and photo exhibit would be postponed until the beginning of the new year.  A few days earlier when the Israeli army shelled Mr.  Arafat’s headquarters heavily, I was almost sure that was going to be the end of our program. Thank God the episode ended quickly and the children were not disappointed again. Please continue to lift those children in your prayers, especially those who will be leaving us and we have no idea under what conditions they will be  going to school next fall.

Thank you for visiting.  May God bless your days and nights, while also
Blessing this  ministry to children

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